Clarity Window Cleaning Services the clear choice

At Clarity we pride ourselves with our cleaning, we are very conscientious with our work and together with our hundreds of regular customers see the difference between our service and that of the average cleaner.

We have been cleaning using the pure water system long before most cleaners and what we don’t know about giving the best possible clean and service is not worth knowing.

We use the best equipment for instance we could use the regular brushes that the vast majority of pure water cleaners use, however we use the best in the world imported from America at 3 times the price of the standard brush as they clean better.

We also heat our water, we do this as we wish to provide a better clean, believe me it is a lot better, the glass and frames really shine.

For all our other services, please see in more detail on the services tab above, we use the best equipment and our bespoke, custom made, chemical solutions, together with our diligence to provide the best cleans in the business.

Thanks for your time and please don’t hesitate to get in touch, don’t settle for average when you can have the Clarity clean.