the clear choice

See the Difference, no smears!

The fantastic glossy finish that only pure hot water can give, you will never want a ladder and glass man again!



Do you look after your home? If so, you realise the importance of having your windows regularly cleaned.


Use a method of cleaning your windows that doesn’t result in your windows getting instantly spoilt by the rain.

Fair Price

Charge you a fair price to properly clean your glass, frames, sills and doors in a polite and courteous manner

Better Finish

Why do we pay to heat our pure water? Simple answer – it gives a far better glossy finish to your windows

Why choose us

Clarity Window Cleaning


Frames are included in every clean, FREE!

The flexibility of using a pure hot water system means that previously inaccessible windows, i.e., those above consrvatories etc, can now be cleaned!

Reason two

Your glazing stays cleaner for longer! increasing the value of our service to you.

Using composite poles to carry out work provides you with exceptional privacy. So no more unwanted interruptions.

Reason three

Poles radically reduce the risk of causing damage to property. Operators no longer need to rest their ladders upon uPVC or guttering to reach your glazing; even walking on roof tiles is eliminated, no expensive repair bills then!

No chemicals – as only pure water is use, the uPVC and its seals are no longer eroded by harsh chemical cleaners. Your uPVC is protected and lasts longer.

Excellent results are achieved consistently so there is less frustration for you!